Friday, August 26, 2016


The one thing I do almost every Saturday is go to the Irvine farmers market.  I love it there because I can buy in bulk without stickers or packaging.  Even some of the packaged products that are sold there you can buy unpacked as you will see with the orange juice in this video.  What I also love is that what you get is fresher than the grocery store and you are supporting a local California based business.  Locally grown and fresh picked.  Here in this video I have a collection of booths that I love to shop at.


I decided it was finally time to get on the YouTube band wagon with this channel.  I have a channel for my biz but did not have one for this site and thought it was high time.  I don't intend to make fancy pants videos.  In fact the idea is to show that you can live a zero waste lifestyle.  This does not mean that you should.  That's up to you.  But trust me when I tell you that you can and this site will show you how.

I and anyone who posts on here will not claim to be perfect as there is no such thing.  But we will claim to know something about living sustainably.  If there is any specific content that you would like to see then comment on here and let us know.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


In February about two weeks before I moved I bought a couch, matching chair and a coffee table at a well known store  aka Cost Plus World Market.  I have shopped at this place many times since my move as they have great decor items.  I absolutely love this store and the people who work there whom I have dealt with are super cool.  But on this occasion my big purchase was totally anti zero waste.  These three items which were the floor model were on sale and since I had a coupon, I ended up paying far less than regular price.  The manager at this particular location was gracious enough to told it for me for a week until I could secure a friend with a truck to help me pick it up.  When I came to pick them up I noticed that they were wrapped in plastic.  Oh the horror.  But they were just trying to make sure that no one sits on them etc.  They truly meant well.

Did I say anything?  No!  Why?  Because holding those items for more than 24 hours was against company policy and I got them for such a bitchen price that did not want to make waves.  I also knew that I would be back there shopping again and wanted to make nice.  My point to this is that there may be some hiccups along any life journey but as the saying goes...  "Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey".

The pictured is the actual pieces I bought.  I love them and highly recommend you check out one of their locations as they have tons of cool decor stuff.


When I started this blog the intent was to document my zero waste / vegan life in a means to encourage others to live a most sustainable life.  I called the site So Cal Zero Waste in hopes of getting others in southern California who also live a similar lifestyle to also contribute to this blog. All of this still holds true but things got the better of me.  I sold my Tustin condo Christmas of 2015, spent two months crashing at my mothers house with my two cats before buying a condo in Santa Ana.  I moved into the new condo in March and have spent most of that time settling in.  I am also a business owner so while moving and trying to run my business things have been stressful yet awesome.  Many changes in my life to the point where writing on here became non existent.

That is all going to change.  Regular posts will be made on here either by me or contributors.  At the very least on a weekly basis.  I have even started a YouTube channel where we will post videos about zero waste / veggie life and living a more sustainable life.  This does not mean that you have to follow exactly what we do but I would hope that you would at least listen and do something to reduce your waste and impact on the environment.  Some of what we will share will be raw and real.  This is a journey for us and we will learn along the way.  We are not perfect as there is no such thing.   We are just a bunch of humans trying to live a more sustainable life.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


In my journey to go green, simplify my life and live a lesser waste producing lifestyle, I have swapped out things for a more eco friendly alternative.  Yesterday was my partial makeup swap.  I only swap the things that I am running out of.  Little bits at a time.

So I had googled eco friendly makeup in the beginning of the year and found a store called Roots that sells those kinds of products but because I still had some not so eco friendly makeup left, I wanted to wait till I had totally run out before visiting this place.

As I walked into the store I was surprised that there were many brands producing eco friendly makeup.  Holy cow!  I had options.  The things that I needed were pressed powder, brown eye shadow, concealer and lipstick in a neutral color. I found two brands that caught my eye not just in terms of how the product felt on my skin but also how the product was packaged.

What I bought was concealer and lipstick made by RMS Beauty, which comes in recyclable packaging.  I also bought powder and eye shadow by Antonym Cosmetics, which came in bamboo packaging.  I also really liked the fact that the people there were not pushy sales freaks. The owner (I think she said she was the owner - brain fart) was nice and helpful.  I told her exactly what I was looking for and she helped me find what I needed.  What I also liked was that she has a system of keeping track of what you buy or might be interested in.  This way if you decide to hold on something, you can go back later and it's in her system as a possible future purchase.  They also sell eco friendly makeup brushes but I have some from Eco Tools that I really love.  I don't wear makeup on the daily but at least now when I do I can do so without using toxic chemicals.

This morning I tried the concealer, powder and lipstick.  So far (its around 2 pm California time) my face does not feel oily or caked on.  It actually has felt rather smooth.  If you just slowly swap out one thing at a tine to a more sustainable alternative you will not only be reducing your wasteful impact on the environment but you will also be benefiting your health but not adding toxins to your body.

Monday, November 23, 2015


I was in the market for some reusable bags but all the ones I was finding online were either just plain white, beige or fancy ones that were more money than I wanted to spend.  There had to be a better solution because I wanted something unique.  Not just a bunch of white bags.  So I went to Joann's fabrics and bought $40 worth of fabric.  My uncles wife had a sewing machine she was willing to let me borrow and I had half a Saturday to get crafty.

The result was 13 reusable bags that are custom made just for me.   The size and everything about it suits my fancy based on how I shop.  Below are some tips for those who want to make their own reusable bags.

Determine how many bags you think you will need and what sizes you want:  I wanted some that were extra small (not pictured) so that I can buy spices and tea in bulk.  I also wanted most of the other ones to be small/medium in size with two big ones for bread or really large items.

Use cotton fabrics:  cotton is easy to work with, wash and you get a whole slew of color/pattern options.

Pick one style and design around that:  my favorite color is green so I knew I wanted that color as the main color of my scheme.  So I found the green, blue and white fabric that you see and loved it.  That essentially created my color palette.  I then selected other fabrics that had those colors and coordinated around it.  If you make them draw string then you can close the bag so nothing spills out.

Don't over buy on yardage but don't skimp either:  one yard of fabric was enough for me to make the 4 small green/blue/white ones that you see in front.

They have some weight and you get a discount.  At the local farmers market they subtract a little from the total due to the minimal weight of the bag.  At Sprouts Farmers Market they do the same and give me a discount for every bag I bring.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Good morning.  It's 7am California time and I am at a coffee shop where I frequent.  I am Rama one of the contributors of this blog and I thought I would share with you how and why my zero waste journey began.  In the past I was having some issues with extreme fatigue and high blood sugar.  At one point my doctor told me that I had to make a lifestyle change or would end up on diabetic meds for life.  So I started taking these pills that were suppose to reduce my blood sugar and they did but they also had side affects that I did not care for.  In one moment I knew that I had to  make a change in order to save myself.  So in 2007 I decided to go sugar free vegetarian.  I did it in a 6 month period where I gradually reduced my intake.  I also started buying more healthy foods as opposed to those canned ones.  I was able to reduce my blood sugar enough that I did not need meds and I had significantly more energy by not eating meat.  It was great but not enough.  I felt as if there was more I could do.  I also wanted to explore different ways I could save money and still enjoy my life.  After many years of research I decided in March of 2013 to go vegan style and then a defining moment in my life changed everything.

In May of 2013 my father passed and as my mother as I were going through his things I realized that he did not have much.  He had some basic cloths and some suits.  Some books and journals he had written in but really not much stuff.  Hmmm If my father can live a minimal producing life then why can't I.  So I began on a another journey to reduce my stuff and the waste I produced.  I am not going to tell you that I live a 100% zero waste lifestyle but close enough.  I am still learning and growing so I know that there is always more to do. This blog is going to be my journey and that of others.  You can learn from our trials and errors. Learn what zero waste things you can implement in your own life.  Peace out for now.

Photo taken at Tree of Life Nursery